Yoga Therapy to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Be your motive is to gain flexibility, reduce stress, overcome depression, heal back pain, learn yoga, or anything else; we are open to teach and treat people through yoga in every manner. We offer various yoga therapy programs to help people heal and cope up better with their health conditions.

Located in Rishikesh, India – our yoga school is the perfect place for personal growth, spiritual learning, soul awakening, and complete transformation. We help people to flourish, bloom and be free. As the best yoga therapy centre, our team is dedicated to helping individuals awaken their inner, improve body-mind-soul, heal pains, and transform completely. At heart, we offer our best, providing you with a safe place to revitalize, revive, reconnect, and lastly experience the freedom to know who you really are. By giving a simple, spiritual, clean, and friendly atmosphere, we help in diminishing the stress and burden of life lying on your shoulders. You may find yoga for beginners centre the best option to treat yourself, forget about the world, and find inner peace.

Join Us to Practice:

  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Yoga for Sciatica
  • Stress-relieving Yoga
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Yoga for Everyone, Everything
Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain

Practice Yoga for Back Pain for a Better Back. This step-by-step program incorporates knowledge of the back right from physical yoga therapy to healthful treatments to heal your pain in the back. Through yoga for back pain sessions, we make you learn about the structural anatomy of the spine and ways to gain mobility and core support by practising yoga for back pain safely and effectively.

Yoga for back pain class focuses on exercising various yoga postures in a way that improves the spine and health of the back. By joining us, you’ll find out how to alleviate stress in the lower and upper back and strengthen your core for supporting the correct alignment of your spine. Yoga for back pain class is planned to be remedial and healthful in nature, and progress step-by-step that will enable you to take care of any issues or injuries you may have related to your back. People of all ages are welcome to attend yoga for back pain classes for relieving back pain and relaxing their spine.

Yoga for Sciatica

Looking for a way to minimize your issue of Sciatica? Well, here we have the best solution to get you rid of this problem that’s being a burden on your shoulders. Thought of trying yoga for Sciatica? If not yet, then why not try it now?

Yoga for sciatica can help stabilize and strengthen your elemental muscles. It makes your lower back and buttocks region much more flexible than intended. Even though yoga can be out of luck and confusing initially, it has a habit of making people get a hang of it eventually.

Yoga for Sciatica
Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Depression

We all know in today’s time, depression is a predominant mental health issue, followed by stress, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Sadness is an emotion that we feel from time to time on a daily basis that a person can overcome, but depression goes far beyond that. It slowly and silently kills your inner self.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with depression knows how deeply personal this illness is – but that’s what yoga is for right? Yoga for depression acts as personal responsibility for both acute and chronic forms of depression by taking care of both you and your mind at the exact same time.

Yoga for Anxiety

Under stressed situations, you feel anxious and are unable to think rationally. We provide yoga therapy keeping in mind your body needs and mental status. Through practising yoga for anxiety, you witness a peaceful, calm and composed mind with a healthy body.

You can shake off the restlessness and pacing mind with the practice of yoga for anxiety. Being mindful while practising yoga clears your mind from various negative emotions and provide you with a clear vision of your life. While going through a self-realization treatment, you can raise your consciousness and confront your inner being.

Practising yoga for anxiety under experienced yoga instructors heal you mentally as well as physically. You are relieved from stress, sleep disorder, tension, anxiety, pain, and much more. In turn, you are blessed with sound health, a better quality of sleep, and peace of mind. Incorporating yoga for anxiety practice in your daily life balances your mind, body, and soul.

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Stress

Kick the stress out of your life and live with more peace by practising yoga for stress. The blistering pace of life can leave us upset, stressed, and tired. But, if you want to try true and tested stress-relieving techniques then our therapy of yoga for stress can help. During the session, we help you not only learn breathing exercises for the calmness of mind and body but also make you practice varied yoga types with guided meditation.

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Restorative Yoga is a very calm yoga practice. It is intended to calm the worried system and construct complete health in the body. It provides simple yet dominant yoga postures. That will include in current yoga classes, therapeutic treatments, or be used to explain invigorating specific classes.

Restorative Yoga is a re-formative healing tool that decreases stress by supporting the body’s inborn responses towards homeostasis and well-being through the use of sustained yoga postures, inhalation, and meditative yoga techniques. A thoughtful sense of relaxation can instil one’s whole being which leads to healing.

Restorative Yoga techniques are supportive in the cure of nervous system disorders, such as insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, and also with specific ailments such as cancer, although it is often used for structural re-alignment and the curing of wrongs. When the body is fully sustained, it will naturally relax, freeing deeply held tensions.

Restorative yoga is the yoga of non-doing, and focuses on smoothness and ease, using well-placed blankets, strengthens, yoga straps, and chairs to safely support the body in various postures. This process raises a natural state of balance, renewal, and healing rest.

Healing Therapy

Heal your body, mind, and spirit through the all-inclusive experience of Yoga practices and Meditation. Select from different healing treatments and dip yourself in the stunning surroundings of Rishikesh. The healing combination of both Yoga and treatment will let you live life to the fullest and experience the pleasure and peace of practising yoga.

Yoga Therapy for Relaxation

Calm the mind and treat your body to the profits of yoga in a truly natural atmosphere with landscaped gardens and panoramic views overlooking the Rishikesh.

You will not find a better way to feel entirely relaxed in a few days. Refurbish and revitalize your intellect by starting and finishing the day with yoga.

By the time you leave us, you feel invigorated and rebooted. This yoga therapy program is open for everyone and can be joined by yoga enthusiasts of various levels.

Yogic Detox

Feeling lethargic, dense, or wishing to change certain habits in your lifestyle and watching for the right start?

We offer the perfect yoga experience at our ‘yoga for beginners’ centre. Here you will not

Yoga Therapy for Relaxation

only feel relaxed, revitalized, and good as new but also learn cherished skills to take home with you to continue following a vigorous toxin-free life.

The results will include better attentiveness, a deeper Yogic run-through, and an improved energy level to take forward in your life.

Importance of Yogic Detox

Tears, sneezes, mucus, wetness, urine & ordure are all environment’s ways of purification. If we can find a way to have these operational in an ideal manner. We should be able to free our physique and our mind of the accretion of toxins triggering diseases and various forms of addiction.

The Detox your therapy will rinse your entire body through the practices of specific yoga Asanas. It can be through the consumption of a specific amount of warm salted water or following various other approaches. Also, there are other commanding but less intrusive detoxification techniques, such as nasal irrigation (Jala Neti), and the stomach wash (Kunjal).

These are some of the most effective techniques to improve health, immunity, concentration, and flexibility. Especially Shankhaprakshalana is extremely beneficial and powerful for our whole body. All the techniques, we use, are very helpful to purify your body at many levels physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Modern science argues that the cause of degenerating health, lethargy, loss of energy, decay, and premature ageing lies in toxin build-up in the body. Toxins, themselves, are a result of our lifestyle, environment, and emotional patterns.

The quality of the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink combined with our emotional pulls and pressures. It causes certain hormones to secrete which have a tendency to leave behind toxins. As this is a natural process, it is believed that ideally, twice a year we should detoxify our bodies.

Points to be noted

Points to be noted:

  • Yoga for beginners program is ready for booking anytime whether in winter or summer, however, some doings may be periodic.
  • We can arrange yoga therapy packages from 3 days to months, at an affordable price.
  • Pick up + drop off from the airport will be at extra cost.
  • Any other local travel or sightseeing can be arranged upon request with extra charges.
All the Yoga Therapy Packages Excludes:
  • Other items of personal interest.
  • Extra meals (available for an extra charge)
  • Laundry (available for an extra charge)
  • Transportation to and from yoga school to any other place.
  • Visa or air ticket fares

Our Vision
To help people understand their maximum prospective and potential and find inner peace.

Our Mission
Practising and educating the yogic knowledge of well-being, harmony, and Self-realization.

Our Values
We respect traditions and recognize their values in never-ending teachings.

Who We Serve

Our students or visitors, come from countries worldwide and are different in culture, occupation, coordination, religion, opinions, age, and eminence. Common professions of students who visit us are small-business owners, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, high-level executives, social workers, military personnel, psychologists, retail-industry workers, health and fitness instructors, artists, among many others.

People visiting us come for yoga therapy, spiritual guidance, health and well-being, life direction, healing, discovering their life’s purpose, personal growth, transformation, clarity, finding happiness, balancing personal and work life, learning basic and advanced yoga poses, etc.

People can also visit us for relieving stress, healing and curing health issues, practising yoga for depression, yoga for anxiety, yoga for sciatica, and finding a way to heal and rise above a problem.

To customize your yoga therapy package to your desires, you are advised to choose the number of days and nights. If you desire to book a yoga therapy, let our managers know which yoga activities or yoga therapy programs you would like to be a part of.

When making your yoga therapy program booking, please agree with the number of days you would like to stay with us and what you would prefer to do.