300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Guru’s Guide To 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India

Congratulations on completing the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus! Now, you are armed with the basic knowledge of this sacred art. If you still have the hunger to learn more about yoga and update your knowledge of this ancient art, enroll in 300 hour yoga teacher training in India. This is an intermediate-level YTT that helps you understand yoga a bit in-depth.

If you want to learn other styles of yoga including Ashtanga and Vinyasa and also gain an in-depth understanding of yoga, a 300 hour course is the best choice. You develop yoga skills not just as a teacher but also as an active practitioner of the yogic arts.

Let us now check out this yoga teacher training course a bit more.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – In Brief

Normally, the 300 Hour yoga teacher training is a 40-day course that deepens your knowledge of yoga and offers a life-changing experience. It is one of the best yoga courses to help your body, mind, and spirit come in unison with yoga.

However, keep in mind that this course is not a replacement for the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training. The main objective of this yoga teacher training is to help you advance your present yoga skills. In short, you have to remember the basics and prepare to practice challenging yoga asanas.

During the 300 hour yoga teacher training course, you learn;

➢ Deeper yoga asanas in theory and practice

➢ Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy

➢ Science of Mantra Chanting

➢ Advanced yogic techniques like Yoga Nidra & Meditation and much more.

However, that is not all 300 Hrs yoga teacher training offers. Given below is the complete syllabus for this course.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Pay attention! Given below is a breakdown of what you learn in each section of this intermediate-level yoga teacher training course.

1. Body Alignment & Adjustment

➢ Introduction to Yoga alignment and adjustment

➢ Techniques to adjust your body during yoga practice

➢ Techniques to improve body adjustment using yoga tools

➢ Using bodyweight and mechanics for safe yoga practice

2. Ashtanga-Vinyasa

➢ Introduction to Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga

➢ History and Practice of Ashtanga Yoga

➢ Lessons on Different Vinyasa Breathing Systems

➢ Ashtanga-Vinyasa Fundamentals

➢ Different yoga asanas

3. Kundalini Yoga

➢ What is Kundalini Yoga?

➢ Lessons On Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra

➢ Introduction to Seven Chakras

➢ Techniques For Kundalini Awakening

➢ Different Stages of Kundalini Awakening

4. Yoga Meditation

➢ Introduction to Yoga Meditation

➢ Lessons on Dharna and Dhyana

➢ Classes on Types of Meditation

➢ Morning Meditation Techniques

5. Shatkarmas

➢ Introduction to Yoga Shatkarmas

➢ Eye cleaning

6. Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

➢ Introduction to Yoga Nidra

➢ 3 Different States of Consciousness

➢ Techniques for Yoga Nidra

➢ Lessons On Link Between Yoga Nidra and Chakras

7. Yoga Anatomy & Philosophy

➢ Introduction to Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

➢ Introduction to Tendons, Ligaments, and Cartilage

➢ Introduction to Muscle & Bone In Context of Yoga

➢ Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga

8. Hatha Yoga

➢ Introduction to Hatha Yoga

➢ Lessons on 6 Steps to Doing Yoga Asanas

➢ Classes on Benefits of Various Yoga Asanas

➢ Concept Of Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna

9. Yoga Teaching Methodology

➢ Introduction to Yoga Discipline for Student and Teacher

➢ Choosing The Right Yoga Props

➢ Importance of Listening, Directive, and Non-Directive Dialogue

➢ Obstacles In Teaching Yoga

However, that is not all. You also get lessons on yoga philosophy, Pranayama techniques, and the science of Mantra chanting during the 300 hour yoga teacher training program.

Firstly, congratulations on choosing such a noble profession! You have the opportunity of a lifetime to help others unlock their true potential with this yoga teacher training program.

Needless to say, you still need to find the right place to dive deeper into yogic practices.

5 Secrets To Choosing A 300 Hour YTT In Rishikesh

Since you are sure of becoming a certified yoga teacher, remember, the number of yoga schools in India will leave you confused. Add to that, the marketing tactics these schools deploy to outrun the competition and attract customers.

However, since you are walking on the path of enlightening others, remember – Not everything that glitters is gold.

5 Secrets To Choosing A 300 Hour YTT In Rishikesh

In terms of selecting a yoga school, you need to look past the shiny advertisements and big promises and focus on what they provide.

With that said, given below are four secrets to finding the best yoga school in Rishikesh to become the top yoga teacher.

1. Experience Of The School

When you want to become a certified yoga teacher in India the experience of the yoga school influences your learning to a great extent. You have to choose a yoga school that has been around for a minimum of five years. Some yoga schools opened up recently but use aggressive advertising tactics to attract customers.

In short, you have to choose yoga schools that have been around for at least a decade or more. A yoga school with a considerable history will surely provide you quality education.

2. How Many Students

When you select a particular yoga school for the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India find out how many students have completed the course before you. Check out how many students are allowed per class.

Ideally, you should search for a medium or small-sized class as that ensures the teacher pays attention to every student in the class. Moreover, since you would be spending a considerable amount of time at the place, a small classroom will give you the chance to form a closer bond with the yoga trainers and other students.

3. Experienced Teachers

Since the 300 hour YTT is a course that sets you on the path of becoming a qualified yoga teacher, the teachers at the yoga school play an important role in this journey. Teachers at the yoga school would be your role models so you must find a good one. The teachers are the most important asset of a yoga school.

If you don’t know the techniques to spread this information, you would not be a good teacher. Do proper research on the teachers that includes finding out about their experience, certification, and how much time they have been teaching at the school. Moreover, make sure you get enough time and the chance to practice yoga with the lead teacher during the course.

4. Yoga Styles

Do you want to learn Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga? There are hundreds of yoga styles that have developed over the years both in the West and the East. You should search for a yoga school that provides you lessons on a variety of yoga styles. Yoga experts recommend you should learn a variety of yoga styles with a focus on the classical form of yoga.

However, it is equally important you find the right place to kickstart this yoga teaching journey.

Rishikesh – A Yoga Lover’s Paradise

Rishikesh is a holy city located in India. The city offers you a visual splendor of natural beauty and spiritual energy all in one place. However, if you are confused about what makes Rishikesh the number one place to learn and teach yoga, keep reading.

Given below are eight reasons why you should visit Rishikesh to learn and teach yoga.

1. The Origin Place Of Yoga

India is credited with being the birthplace of yoga. It is Rishikesh, the holy city where the spiritual art of yoga came into being. The foundations of yoga in Rishikesh go back to more than 5000 years. Moreover, the first teachings of yoga are found in the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Bhagwad Gita.

Needless to say, completing the 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh gives you an edge above others. You learn everything about this sacred art including its philosophy, origin, and everything about yoga asanas.

2. Chance to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Since you would be living away from your home country and in a foreign land, without a doubt this would be an abrupt change for you. However, one of the tenets of yoga is learning to become comfortable with the unknown to expand on your personal growth. Although leaving your comfort zone might cause you to feel anxiety, it is what helps you develop inner strength.

In the long run, this prepares you mentally to take on life’s challenges in the future without any worry.

3. Meet Like-Minded People

India is a popular destination when it comes to experiencing a varied and different culture. Without any doubt, millions of yoga enthusiasts come to this country to learn the sacred art. It is here you get the chance to meet like-minded individuals who carry the same passion for yoga as you.

300 hour yoga teacher training in India

In other words, the diversity of people you meet during the 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and life experiences. You build friendships that remain even after you complete the course.

4. The Best Price

A good reason why you should enroll in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the relatively low price. Since the 300 hour yoga teacher training requires a considerable investment of time and money, the total price has to fit your budget.

Moreover, even if you add up the accommodation and travel cost, you still can afford to accomplish the yoga teacher training in India without a second thought.

5. Gives You A New Perspective

Completing the yoga teacher training in India is not just about learning the physical aspect of this sacred art. You also learn about the mental and physical aspects of yoga which help you inculcate positive changes into your life and overall perspective towards the world around you.

6. Reconnect With Nature

If your daily schedule is clocking in and out of the office and driving back home, you have every reason to get out of the city life and spend some time alone. If you want to complete the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India, choose Rishikesh.

Reconnect With Nature

Being located amidst the mighty Himalayas and near the holy Ganges, Rishikesh is a place filled with natural beauty. Away from the hustle-bustle of busy city life, Rishikesh is blessed with greenery on all sides. Spend some time enjoying local snacks at the Neer Garh waterfall or experience the rich spiritual heritage of the land with evening Triveni Ghat Aarti.

7. Experience Of A Lifetime

Enrolling in the best yoga teacher training, making new friends, and enjoying the numerous outdoor activities with your new group is something to cherish. You don’t come to Rishikesh simply to learn yoga, you come to this place to create memories that last a lifetime.

8. First-Hand Ashram Experience

Completing the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India is not just about the physical asanas. You also get to taste locally made food and inculcate positive changes in your lifestyle. In short, you get a first-hand experience of what the actual yogic lifestyle is all about.

At the same time, you have to be ready on your end before signing up for this intermediate-level yoga teacher training course.

3 Tips To Make The Most Of The YTT

3 Tips To Make The Most Of The YTT

Given below are three tips to help you prepare for a bright future as a 300 hour yoga teacher.

1. Prepare In Advance

Right from yoga philosophy to advanced yoga asanas, there is a lot you learn during the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India. Therefore, the stronger your foundation of yoga, the easier it will be for you to soak up the advanced-level information on yoga. In the end, you would be free of the burden of having to start from ground zero.

2. Maintain A Journal

The 300 hour is an intermediate-level yoga teacher training and there is a lot you learn in this course. It is a bit hard for you to soak up and remember everything taught at the yoga school. Yoga experts recommend you keep a journal as that helps you record the important information shared during the yoga training. In short, the journal would be a guide to you in the future.

3. Enter With An Open Mind

The 300 hour yoga teacher training provides a lot of information. Some of it might collide with what you believe in. Whether it is about doing a yoga pose with another technique or inculcating a new concept of yoga, you have to keep an open mind to accept the teachings of the training.


Do you plan on diving deeper into yogic arts? It is time you enroll in 300 hour yoga teacher training in India to learn advanced yogic techniques and methods.