Yoga Alliance Discounts

Yoga Alliance Discounts For Registered Yoga Practitioners

Are you a Yoga Alliance member? Great! Are you taking full advantage of Yoga Alliance discounts? No? You are missing out a lot on saving money and earning rewards. So, to help you out, we did some research and dug out the best Yoga Alliance Offers.

Thus, go through the following points to know where and how can you avail Yoga Alliance concession. Read on.

Best Yoga Alliance Discounts

Yoga Apparel

One of the biggest Yoga Alliance rebate that you can avail of is yoga apparel. Hence, you get huge discounts on yoga leggings, tops, and other wearables. Moreover, you can rest assured about the quality of products you are buying at discounts.


It is one of the best software out there for the yoga community which helps you connect with other yoga teachers and practitioners throughout the world. However, Yoga Alliance discounts are valid only for the registered members of Yoga Alliance in the USA, Canada, & Australia.

You even get a free 30 days trial pack along with 25% off on the monthly plan. Hence, make sure you avail of the offer.

Travel Rewards Program

Do you travel a lot for your yoga practice and teaching purposes? If yes, there are numerous Yoga Alliance allowances you can avail of. Being a member of the Yoga Alliance, you get a $100 discount on having five reservations within the first year.

Hence, make sure you check the terms and conditions of the hotel you are checking in with. Also, go through the directions indicating a $100 refund.

Yoga Alliance Discounts Partner

It covers various Yoga Alliance concessions to help yoga teachers and schools support themselves. Moreover, you get brand exposure with the Yoga Alliance. You get access to membership campaigns and newsletters that give you a better insight into the yoga world.

Many Yoga Alliance discounts help you share your services and products with other people through the Yoga Alliance platform. Not just that, you even get dedicated web pages to sponsor and showcase your products.

Banyan Botanicals

This discount is for US citizens only. Being a member of the Yoga Alliance, you can avail yourself a discount of up to 25% on the retail pricing of the product. Moreover, with any order over $60, you even get free shipping with ultra-fast service.

However, you can also apply to a yoga school or a local business to get 50% off on the retail pricing of the product. Later, you are free to use the product for marketing or reselling purposes.

Prana Discounts

You can avail of a flat 50% discount on all the products by prAna. Just make sure, you are registered with the Yoga Alliance before availing of the offer. You get Yoga Alliance discounts on the retail price. Therefore, you save a lot of money with heavy discounts in your favour.


These Yoga Alliance discounts are only valid for Canadian residents. Gallagher offers liability insurance to the certified members of Yoga Alliance. If you are an RYT, you have to shell out just $170 annually to avail of this offer.

However, as a business, you need to pay $320 yearly to get the liability offer. Also, you even get Yoga Alliance discounts on homes and autos owned by the registered members.

Teachable Yoga Alliance Discounts

Are you a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher? Do you want to sell your courses online? If yes, Teachable is the best platform for you. As a member, you can avail yourself of monthly and yearly Yoga Alliance discounts.

There are two months and two yearly plans. You get 25% off on the basic monthly plan and 15% off on the basic yearly plan. However, if you choose the pro monthly plan, you get a flat discount of 30%. For the pro yearly plan, you get a 20% discount.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are just a few Yoga Alliance discounts for the registered member. So, whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga school, you can avail the offers. Becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance is fairly easy.

All you have to do is join a yoga teacher training course registered with the Yoga Alliance. Then, complete it and apply for your Yoga Alliance certification. Once you have received your certification, you are free to avail yourself of all the Yoga Alliance discounts and save money on the go.