Sun Salutation For Beginners

Complete Guide To Sun Salutation For Beginners

Sun Salutation for Beginners – Yoga has been a part of Indian history for more than 5000 years. This gentle and holistic art helps you enjoy good physical and mental health. Moreover, with time this ancient art has transformed into a global phenomenon and given rise to numerous yoga styles. One of these is the sun salutation for beginners that helps you dive deeper and connect with your true self.

Sun salutations, known in Sanskrit as Surya Namaskara or sun salute is a sequence of different yoga asanas which you combine with breathing. This includes an intelligent and graceful movement. The classic sun salutation contains a total of seven asanas. However, there are other variations of sun salutations that contain more yoga poses. Let us check out how you can practice sun salutations with ease.

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Tips For Practicing Sun Salutation for Beginners

Tips For Sun Salutation Practice

Although you might have a busy schedule that makes it hard to pursue yoga full-time, however, everyone can take out 10 to 20 minutes from their schedule to practice yoga.

To help you practice Surya Namaskar with ease, yoga experts have come up with some powerful tips.

1. Breath

The best way to practice sun salutations is to move from one asana to the next with the right inhale and exhale. As a beginner, you might have to double your breaths to make it easy to flow through the sun salutation sequence. Make sure you stick to a Sun Salutation Breathing Pattern to reap the maximum benefits.

2. Dedication

The hardest part of following a yoga practice is consistency. Therefore, if you want to experience the benefits of sun salutations, you must stick to a schedule. Remember, patience and practice are the keys to learning yoga.

3. Take A Break

Yoga experts recommend that you do not stress your body too much as a beginner to sun salutations. Make sure you take a pause and proper breaks during the Sun Salutation Sequence. Remember, pushing your body beyond what is comfortable can result in a yoga injury.

4. Integrate

Make sure you do Shavasana in a seated position at the end of every sun salutation sequence. This integrates the benefits of the sequence and prepares your body for the next day.

5. Start Small

When you practice Sun Salutations for Beginners it is always advised to start small. Start with one or two repetitions to build strength and habit. Progress slowly over time.

As a beginner, you would have some questions about the sun salutations. Don’t worry! Yoga experts have come up with the answer.

Given below are questions you might have about sun salutation.

1. Why Practice Sun Salutations?

Perhaps, the first question that comes to your mind is – why practice Sun Salutations for Beginners? Sun salutations are important for two reasons – it is a great workout for the whole body and offers health benefits beyond the physical level. For example, it relaxes your mind and prepares you for meditative practices.

Secondly, sun salutations also give you an opportunity to express gratitude to the sun, without which earth would be a lifeless planet.

2. What Is The Best Time To Do Surya Namaskara?

The best time to do Surya Namaskar is during the early morning at sunrise, and on an empty stomach. Yoga experts state that you can practice sun salutations during sunset.

3. What Is The Ideal Number Of Sun Salutations?

The ideal number of sun salutation rounds you should practice daily is 12. Yoga experts recommend that as a beginner you should start with 2 to 4 rounds and move up slowly as you build strength.

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4. Which Is The Best Place To Practice Sun Salutations?

The best place to do sun salutations is outdoors amidst nature.

5. What Is The Best Way To Practice Sun Salutations?

As someone new to sun salutations, you might be tempted to do exactly as the yoga teacher. However, remember, your body is different from theirs in terms of yoga practice. Therefore, pushing your body past its point of comfort during the starting days is not advisable. In short, do only as much as your body can take.

6. What Speed Should I Follow During Sun Salutations?

When you are just starting out with sun salutations for beginners, keep in mind that different speeds offer different benefits to your body. For example, when you do it at a slow pace, it tones and strengthens your muscles. Moreover, utilizing your breath with slow body movements ensures you get a meditative experience.

Moreover, a single session of sun salutation is a great workout. Furthermore, it is a great warm-up exercise when done at a fast pace. You should connect with a certified yoga teacher to learn everything about sun salutations.

7. Do I Need To Share My Medical History?

Although every yoga school would ask you about medical complications that you might have. However, if you suffer from health issues like a back problem make sure to consult a medical professional before enrolling in a sun salutation class.

8. Do I Need Guidance?

Yes! As someone new to the sun salutation sequence it is important that you enrol in a certified yoga school and learn this yoga technique under skilled yoga teachers.

Sun salutations are a series of 12 yoga asanas that provide your body with strength and balance. In the long run, this yogic technique helps you live a healthy life through the right food, thought process, and following the right body posture.

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Health Benefits Of Sun Salutations For Beginners

Taking into consideration the last statement, given below are some amazing sun salutation benefits.

Health Benefits Of Sun Salutations For Beginners

1. Tones Muscles & Improves Flexibility

Every asana you practice during sun salutations for beginners focus on different muscle groups and the energy centres known as Chakras. What this does is tone your body including arms, thighs, abs, and buttocks. Moreover, daily practice improves your flexibility and body posture.

2. Offers Great Cardio

With 12 poses to practice in a single session, Surya namaskar provides your body with a great workout. It improves your cholesterol levels which further improves your heart’s health. Moreover, sun salutations also provide you with a healthy hormonal balance.

3. Improves Digestion

One of the sun salutation benefits is it improves insulin sensitivity. Daily practice of sun salutations stimulates your digestive tract by helping in the production of digestive juices. In the long run, this improves your metabolism and rids your body of toxins.

4. Increases Energy and Awareness Levels

Combined with asanas, sun salutation done with the right breathing technique provides your body and mind a deeper relaxation. It relaxes your mind and increases overall awareness.

5. Improves Absorption Of Nutrients

As stated above, improved digestion enables better absorption of nutrients which improves your overall health. Nutrient absorption helps carry out the important functions within your body. In short, you can make Surya Namaskar a part of your daily routine to lead a healthy life.

6. Improves Emotional Stability

The deep breathing technique combined with asanas makes sun salutations an effective yoga exercise. This provides your nerve cells and chakras with deep relaxation which has a positive impact on your brain’s functioning. It balances the left and right sides of your brain which improves emotional stability.

7. Provides Glowing Skin

Since your digestive system improves and you experience mental relaxation on a deeper level, sun salutation for beginners provides you with another great benefit. It provides your skin with a natural and attractive glow.

8. Helps Reduce Weight

As stated before, if you practice sun salutations in a fast-paced manner, it offers your body an intense cardiovascular workout. This helps you burn the extra calories and lose excess stomach fat.

9. Prevents Hair Loss

The sun salutation for beginners is an excellent remedy for improving blood circulation to your scalp. This provides your head with proper nourishment which helps with hair growth and minimizes hair fall. In the long run, nourished hair also helps prevent grey hair and dandruff.

10. Fights Diabetes

If you or anyone of your dears has diabetes, practising sun salutations is beneficial. There are many yoga poses in sun salutations that stimulate the pancreas and improve the production of insulin.

However, for you to experience these awesome benefits, you should know the correct technique for doing sun salutations.

Yoga experts have come up with complete step-by-step information on how you should perform this yoga exercise.

The 12 Sun Salutation Poses

Remember, Surya namaskar is a powerful way to develop excellent cardiovascular health if done at a fast pace. On the other hand, it is also a relaxing and reflective way to deeper relaxation when done at a slow pace.

Given below is the complete breakdown of how you should practise the sun salutations.


  • Stand at the end of the yoga mat.

  • Keep both feet together and distribute your body weight equally on both feet.

  • Open your chest and relax your shoulders.

  • Breathe in and lift your arms up from the sides.

  • Exhale. Bring your palms together into a prayer position and in front of your chest.



  • Breathe in and lift your arms up and back.

  • Make sure your bicep muscle is closer to your ears.

  • Try stretching your whole body starting from the heels up to the fingertips.

Hasta Padasana

  • Breathe out. Bend forward from your waist. Keep your spine straight.

  • Exhale. Bring your hands down to the floor and beside your feet.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  • Breathe in. Push your right leg back as far as possible.

  • Bring your right knee to the floor. Slowly look upwards.



  • Breathe in. Take your left leg back.

  • Keep your whole body in a straight line.

  • Keep your arms completely straight and towards the floor.

Ashtanga Namaskara

Ashtanga Namaskara

  • Bring your knees down to the floor. Exhale.

  • Slightly bring your hips back and slide forward.

  • Let your chest and chin relax on the yoga mat.

  • Elevate your posture a little bit.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

  • Slide forward and raise your chest up in the Cobra Pose.

  • Keep your elbows bent and stable in this pose.

  • Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

  • Look upwards slowly.

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

  • Breathe out. Lift your hips and tail bone upwards.

  • Put your chest downwards to create an inverted V pose.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  • Breathe in. Bring your right foot forward in between your two hands.

  • Bring your left knee down on the yoga mat.

  • Press your hips down and look upward.

Hasta Padasana

Hasta Padasana

  • Breathe out. Bring your left foot forward.

  • Keep your palms on the ground.

  • Bend your knees if you feel discomfort.


  • Breathe in. Roll your spine upward.

  • Bring your hands backwards and bend them a little

  • Push your hips slightly forward.


  • Exhale. Keep your body completely straight.

  • Bring your arms forward and down.

These are the 12 Sun Salutation Poses you should include in your daily routine. However, if you are a complete beginner, make sure you learn and practice these under the guidance of a skilled yoga teacher.

However, before you move ahead, there are some dos and dont’s you should remember before starting with sun salutations. Let us check out what these are.

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Dos And Dont’s For Sun Salutations

Dos And Dont's For Sun Salutations

To practice all the Sun Salutation Steps without risk of injury, you should always follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Maintain correct body posture

  • Follow the steps in order

  • Maintain deep and rhythmic breathing

  • Follow a healthy diet, possibly a vegetarian diet

  • Increase repetitions slowly

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Keep yourself hydrated

  • Start the exercise at a slower pace

  • Do not begin sun salutation for beginners in a random order

  • Do not worry about having a fixed number of repetitions

There it is! Your complete guide to Sun Salutations for beginners, the best yoga exercises to enjoy great physical and mental health ends here.


Are you looking for a way to experience deeper mental and physical relaxation? Do you want to wake up every day feeling energized? You should learn and practice sun salutation for beginners under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher at a certified yoga school.