Mermaid Pose Yoga: Easy Yoga Poses to Prepare

Do you want to open your hips? Want to enhance the fluidity of your body? If yes, the Mermaid pose yoga is just the thing you need. Practising this pose makes your body buoyant and free. Hence, it helps in opening the heart chakra that makes you strong and flexible.

However, you should first learn how to practice the Mermaid pose yoga. For that, we have prepared a few easy steps for yoga practitioners. Furthermore, our experts have prepared a list of some of the easiest yoga poses that will help you prepare yourself for the Mermaid pose yoga. So, make sure you read till the very end. Roll further.

Mermaid Pose Yoga: Easiest Steps

  1. To start with the Mermaid pose yoga, sit in the Pigeon pose.
  2. Place your right leg forward and left leg backwards.
  3. Bend the left leg and get hold of it using your left leg.
  4. For some practitioners, it could be a challenging pose. However, if you can, slightly move your left leg into the crook of your left elbow.
  5. Your groin can lift a bit while your left leg is bent and held back.
  6. Raise your right hand towards the ceiling and bend it towards your back to hold your left hand.
  7. Press both hands to the back of your head and balance your weight in this position.
  8. Be conscious of your body to ensure you don’t fall on your right side.
  9. Lower your left leg and place it smoothly on the ground.
  10. Repeat the whole process on your left leg by following similar steps.

Beginner yoga practitioners could face a lot of trouble while practising the Mermaid pose yoga. Therefore, for them, it is always better to prepare their bodies. In short, our experts have listed a few yoga poses that are going to help you become eligible to practice. So, without further delay, let’s read about them.

How to Prepare For Mermaid Pose Yoga

Downward Facing Dog

When it comes to opening the whole body, the Downward Dog pose works the best for you. This yoga pose stretches and opens the muscles present in your lower back, pelvis, and legs. The constant stretch in your upper body and shoulder joints helps you raise your one arm while practising the Mermaid pose yoga.

Warrior Pose 1

Who doesn’t love stronger legs? Apart from that, strong and flexible legs assist you in the deeper opening of your spinal and pelvis muscles. Hence, Warrior Pose 1 is an ideal yoga pose to prepare yourself for the Mermaid pose yoga. It improves the reach of your arms while allowing your pelvis joint to open more freely. So, you get a lot of help to balance your pelvis and leg muscles while improving their flexibility.

Low Lunge

The Low Lunge yoga pose is perfect to enhance the agility and mobility of your legs, lower back, and hip joints. However, to prepare for the Mermaid yoga pose, you have to adjust the Low Lunge pose a little. The adjustment should be such that it further stretches your quad muscles. In the additional variation, you must touch the calf of the leg put behind. This helps in opening your chest muscles so that you learn to balance your body while practising the Mermaid pose yoga.

One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

One of the most effective and crucial yoga poses that comes closer to the Mermaid pose yoga is the One-Legged King Pigeon pose. It increases the mobility of your knees along with enhancing the agility of your hip and pelvis joints. Moreover, it stretches your quad muscles that lengthen them for better flexibility and balance. It also helps in rotating your leg that makes your inner thigh muscles stronger.

Wrap Up

All the yoga poses mentioned above work perfectly to prepare your mind and body for yoga practice. Therefore, you should first clear your basics to practice the complex yoga poses. You can also join a yoga teacher training course to learn it from masters. Just make sure you don’t give up on regular yoga practice. Over time, you are going to become a master of not just other complex yoga poses.