Simple Asanas For Beginners

How To Start Practicing Simple Asanas For Beginners

The first step towards anything in life is the hardest part of the journey. However, once you start your path, everything else seems to fall in place. Similarly, starting a yoga journey could be very hard when you don’t know where to start. So, you can practice simple asanas for beginners to start your yoga journey without any hassle.

However, there are many things that you need to keep in mind before practising simple asanas for beginners. Read the following key points to ensure you have the best yoga experience.

Key Points To Follow Practicing Simple Asanas For Beginners

Start Slow

No doubt you want to attain mastery of the different yoga poses in minimum time. However, you need to keep in your mind that different simple asanas for beginners should be practised slowly.

It helps you become aware of the different movements of your body. Also, slow practice helps you generate a better mind-muscle connection. Thus, you can get the most out of your yoga practice even when you practice the least.

Progress Gradually

Ever heard about progressive overload? Even though simple asanas for beginners comes at the base of your yoga practice. That does not mean you can practice a complete range of motion of different yoga asanas from day one itself.

You need to prepare your body and mind first. Thus, you need to prepare a mental image of what you are going to do before you start your practice physically.

Proper Warm-Up

Warming up your body helps in raising your blood circulation for an easy yoga session. You can practice basic yoga stretches for beginners to activate the different muscles of your body. Moreover, it helps you to ready your body for upcoming physical activity.

Stretch Out

Starting a yoga journey can help you incorporate physical activity into your life. However, you need to create a balance in your flexibility and strength. Make sure that you are practising various stretching exercises to lengthen your muscle fibres, tissues, and tendons.

It keeps you safe from any muscle injury. Stretching out your muscles also helps your body to absorb the wear and tear of your muscles. Thus, you can rest assured to remain injury-free when you practice stretching exercises.

Avoid Injury

Any complication can come your way while practising basic asanas for beginners. Injury can put your yoga journey at a halt. Therefore, you need to be aware that you do not get injured while practising yoga poses.

Moreover, you need to learn about the range of motion of your muscles so that you do not exceed the natural limit.

Know Your Limits

When people start practising yoga, they tend to practice hard right on day one. That could lead to various complications like muscle or nerve pull or pain in joints. So, when you start practising various yoga asanas, you should first know when to stop.

You should stop when you feel some discomfort while practising a particular yoga pose. Thus, set a limit so that you can gradually break those limits when you become a great yoga practitioner.

Keep Learning

Everyone has his or her way to approach a yoga pose. Thus, you need to learn what suits best you. Something working for others might fail to show significant growth for you. Thus, you need to experiment with your approach and intensity to get the maximum out of your yoga practice.

Get knowledge about different yoga asanas for a particular muscle group. Moreover, incorporate different yoga poses for strength and agility in your routine for overall wellness. You can also join the best yoga teacher training program to learn about different elements of yoga practice.

Make a Yoga Routine

One of the best things that can help you practice simple asana for beginners is a yoga routine. That means you should spend some quality time learning which yoga asana do you want to practice. Once you have short-listed the yoga asanas, create a yoga routine.

It means you should decide which yoga pose to practice first or before the next asana. This helps you follow a neat routine that ensures you do not wander off. Rather, you stick to a fixed routine. In case you feel bored, you can always change or replace some yoga poses with their advanced variations over time.

Hire a Yoga Teacher

When you are fully invested in yoga practice, you should hire a yoga teacher. That is going to ensure you have someone to overlook what you do. It further helps you ask doubts or questions from the yoga teacher you hired.

Another facility that you’ll enjoy with the hired yoga teacher is that you practice perfect forms of yoga poses. It helps you stay from any injuries that otherwise might hamper your growth or yoga practice. Furthermore, a yoga teacher is going to teach various tips or tricks to get into tricky yoga poses. Practising with a yoga teacher is always going to favour you in the long as well as short term.

Join a Yoga Course

Practising yoga with a yoga teacher might be an outstanding decision. However, that can never come close to what you can learn in a yoga course. Thus, you should join a beginner-level yoga teacher training course.

For newbie yoga practitioners, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is perfect, to begin with. Therefore, you should look out for some of the best yoga schools in your area to join a yoga course. Just make sure that you join a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school only. That ensures you learn true yoga knowledge.

Summing Up

Following the above-mentioned key points while practising simple asanas for beginners can help you grow exponentially. You can become a great yoga master with consistent yoga practice. Moreover, keep a check on what you eat so that you know your body is getting enough nutrition. Therefore, form a balance in your on-mat and off-mat activities to unlock your true potential.