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How to Choose a Yoga Retreat in India?

The first step towards happiness is to look within you. A healthy body and a calm mind are enough to live a peaceful life. But how exactly can you have a calm mind when everything around is full of negative vibes? A very simple yet effective thing you can do is to go on a yoga retreat in India. Why India? Because it has become a hub for yoga practitioners searching for mental peace and stress-free life.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you choose a perfect yoga retreat. It is essential because the right place has wonderful effects on you that positively change your life. Hence, you can follow the following tips while looking for a yoga retreat in India. Keep reading.

Important Tips to Choose the Best Yoga Retreat in India

Peaceful Environment

The most important element that you need to look out for while selecting a yoga retreat is its environment. Different people find solace in different environments or scenery. Some prefer beaches while others take shelter in woods. Many find peace in the mountain whereas others prefer the riverside. Therefore, depending on your personal preference, you need to make the right choice.

Furthermore, make sure the environment is peaceful and quiet. So, make it your priority to look for the perfect environment when you search for a yoga retreat in India.

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Nature Excursions

The sole purpose of going on a yoga retreat in India is to broaden your perspective about life. How can you do that? Well, the very first thing you can do is to meet new people or explore new situations in life. That is why check whether the yoga retreat of your choice offers nature excursions or not.

When you go on nature excursions, you get various opportunities to get exposed to different cultures. It is when you learn about different cultures and traditions that you learn how to behave differently in different situations. Hence, it helps you calm your mind when you feel restless.

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Time For Self

Many yoga retreats have a pre-planned routine. So, when you join those, you hardly get any time for yourself. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get plenty of self-time when you join a yoga retreat in India.

When you spend time with yourself you learn how to introspect. This helps you have answers to many questions that’s been bothering you for a long time. Furthermore, spending time with yourself improves your connection with your inner being that helps you live a peaceful and happy life.

Yogic Practices

Yoga retreat program is incomplete without the practice of various yogic practices. To name a few yogic practices, you learn various meditation practices, pranayama techniques, Yoga Nidra, and much more. Practicing these yogic practices helps you train your mind and you get more control over your psyche.

Furthermore, you learn how to incorporate different yogic practices into your life. Hence, when you return to your life, you know how to remain in an energetic yet peaceful state of mind.


You must decide your intention before choosing a yoga retreat in India. For example, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep, you can head to a yoga retreat that offers Yoga Nidra training.

Similarly, if you want to lose weight or want to cope up with stress, you need to look for relevant yoga retreats in India.

Read Reviews

One thing that you can do to choose the best yoga retreats in India is to read its reviews. You get to know stories from different people that help you make better choices. Hence, you can look at which yoga retreat can serve you better.


There are various types of yoga retreats in India. You can choose a yoga ashram lifestyle with the bare minimum requirements. Also, you can choose a luxurious yoga retreat in India if your pocket allows it. Hence, it depends on your preference to choose which type of yoga retreat.

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Wrap Up

India is a culturally rich country where yoga is a part of its routine. Thus, joining a yoga retreat in India can help you to incorporate what you learn on a yoga retreat into your life without a fuss. Moreover, you learn how to observe and tackle things from a different perspective in life.

Thus, you learn to remain calm and composed in changing scenarios in life.


Ques 1) Are yoga retreats worth it?

Ans) Absolutely yes! When you go on a retreat, you do not worry about following a routine. Rather, you can spend quality time doing whatever you love. There are other things as well that you can participate in. However, the choice is yours whether you want to learn yoga or just want to rejuvenate your soul. Thus, liberty helps you make choices and remain stress & worry-free.

Ques 2) Can I stay in the ashram for free?

Ans) Yes! There are many ashrams that offer you a free stay. However, you might need to work like cleaning or stuff for them. This is to improve your ability to take responsibility and help you grow. Moreover, if you want to live with the bare minimum things in your life, then it could be a better choice for you.

Ques 3) How do silent retreats work?

Ans) You are not allowed to talk on a silent retreat. All you can do is talk in sign language. Or, you can follow the instructions without asking any questions. This helps you to spend time without complaining. Further, it lets your soul speak to you rather than you repeating what you already know. Hence, silent retreats repair psychological damages on your brain.