Spiritual Yoga For Beginners

Guide To Spiritual Yoga For Beginners

Although it is 5000 years old, yoga still does provide major physical and mental health benefits. Apart from helping you develop a toned physique, this ancient art helps you stay away from mental health issues like stress and anxiety. However, yoga was and has always been more of a spiritual art. It is much more than the numerous asanas and Pranayama techniques and this is why there is a rising demand for spiritual yoga for beginners.

However, you should understand that with the rising negativity all around us, there are many who join a yoga class to get closer to the spiritual side of life. It helps you get rid of the unnecessary stress and anxiety which make you feel less worried and lead a happy life. For this, a popular style of yoga is Kriya yoga. Read further to know everything about this spiritual yoga style.

Kriya Yoga – A Brief Intro

Kriya yoga is an ancient yogic meditation technique that consists of energy and proper breath control. Remember, this yoga style is a path to spiritual awakening and helps you discover your inner nature to live a more conscious life.

The word Kriya means Action and yoga means Union of your mind, body, and spirit. The practice of Kriya yoga simply refers to taking actions that contribute to the realization of your true nature. In short, this spiritual yoga for beginners helps you get closer to your divine self.

Let us now find out a bit about the rich history of this spiritual yoga.

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Spiritual Yoga For Beginners – The Lineage

Kriya yoga was introduced to the west by Paramhansa Yogananda. Yogananda taught Kriya yoga to Americans in 1920 with the blessings of his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar. He also introduced various other spiritual practices which inspired millions around the world to unlock their true spiritual nature with Kriya yoga.

The one thing you should understand is that Kriya yoga for spiritual masters and a beginner is not a religion. It is open to all those who want to live a spiritually inclined life and unlock their true spiritual self with yoga.

Let us now understand how Kriya yoga works its magic.

How Kriya Yoga Works

As per Yogananda, Kriya yoga is the most efficient technique available to spiritual seekers around the world to experience union with the divine. The best thing about Kriya yoga is it works with your base, the spiritual core located deep within your spine.

It is no wonder the majority of yoga poses somehow utilize this energy and opens up the spinal channels. You can also practice Yoga Pranayama or other yogic breathing exercises to unlock these channels.

However, what makes this spiritual yoga for beginners a better option is it works in a more direct manner. Kriya yoga helps you control the life force by pulling it up and down the spine using your own willpower.

Do you know about the four elements that Kriya yoga helps bring together? Yoga experts have come up with the answer to that.

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Four Elements Of Kriya Yoga

Given below are the four elements that Kriya yoga helps bring together.

1. Meditation Methodology Of Raja Yoga

This type of meditation methodology is best for improving your awareness, and confidence. It was popularized by Swami Vivekananda during the 19th century. The goal behind this yogic technique is to master your mind and body.

2. Selfless Service Of Karma Yoga

Swami Sivananda taught that selfless service makes you and the world a better place. It is what Karma yoga is all about. Moreover, you learn kindness and compassion through service to others.

3. Surrendered Devotion Of Bhakti Yoga

As the name suggests, Bhakti Yoga is all about eternal love. The goal behind this technique is to help you realize the connection to the world and be in touch with yourself.

4. Focused Self-Inquiry Pathway Of Jnana Yoga

Jnana is a Sanskrit word, which means knowledge or wisdom. This style of yoga includes meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry to discover the true nature of reality.


This spiritual yoga for beginners technique is a powerful way for you to connect with the divine. However, you should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn this powerful technique and realize the true nature of reality.