Yoga Poses For Beginners

Core Strengthening Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

You cannot underestimate your core strength. It is a vital force required for every physical movement. Core strength is necessary for supporting your posture and protecting your spine. You can practice basic yoga poses for beginners if you want a strong core.

It is more than just six-pack abs. Core muscles include obliques as well as other abdominal muscles that wrap around your waist. The following are a few basic yoga poses that you can practice for core strength and endurance. Keep reading.

Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners For Strong Core

Boat Pose

Boat Pose for beginners

It is an excellent pose to work on your abdominal muscles. The boat pose massages your internal organs along with toning them. Try to pull your navel back and up while practicing it.

  • To practice the boat pose, lie on your yoga mat.
  • Raise your legs in the air at an approximate 45-degree angle.
  • Do not let your spine collapse when your torso falls back naturally.
  • Form a V shape like curve with your body.
  • Move your arms in parallel to your legs.

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Plank Pose

Plank Pose for beginners

It works on your core, arms, and legs in a single go. The plank pose improves your wrist, feet, and shoulder joints.

  • Let your hands touch the ground near your feet.
  • Move your shoulders to align them over your wrists.
  • Move your legs fully to the back.
  • Shift your weight on your palms and feet.
  • Align your body in a straight line for extreme difficulty.
  • Don’t let your hips sink.

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Chair Pose

Chair Pose for beginners

It is one of the best yoga poses for beginners that you can practice for strong abdominal muscles. Moreover, it works on your overall balance. The chair pose improves your legs’ ability to work under pressure.

  • To start with, stand on your yoga mat.
  • Keep your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly sit down while keeping your back straight.
  • Keep your quads and hips parallel to the floor.
  • Extend your hands over your head to maximize difficulty.
  • Engage your core muscles by pushing in your navel.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Practicing the tree pose increases your single-leg strength and balance. It engages your core muscles, legs, and feet for optimum stability.

  • Stand still with your feet a few inches apart.
  • Shift your weight on your right leg and raise your left leg.
  • Place your left foot sole on the inside of the right thigh.
  • Let your foot sole touch your groin.
  • Keep your hands either in front of your chest or over your head.
  • Hold the stance for a few breaths.
  • Return to a neutral position and repeat on the other leg.

Shoulder Stand

Shoukder Stand for beginnners

It trains your neck, shoulders, upper back, and core muscles. Practicing the shoulder stand ensures an easy flow of blood to your head.

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Gently push your lower body to raise your legs in the air.
  • Let your legs hover over your head.
  • Place your elbows to support your back from falling down.
  • Try to push your feet into the air to stretch out more.

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Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose for beginners

It is a great yoga pose to balance and strengthen your core muscles. Practicing the eagle pose stretches your abdominal muscles to increase the blood flow in that area.

  • Stand straight with your weight evenly distributed on your feet.
  • Shift your position such that your right leg should bear all the weight.
  • Raise your left leg to wrap it around your right leg.
  • If possible, hook your left toe on your right calf.
  • Wrap your left arm on top of your right arm and bring the palms together.
  • Balance it for few breaths.
  • Repeat on the other leg.

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Your core strength increases when you work on the above-mentioned basic yoga poses for beginners. However, you can practice basic yoga stretches for beginners if you are new to yoga practice.

It helps your body to adapt to the changing routine. You become stronger over time with consistent yoga practice, making your core much stronger.