Yoga for Plus Size

Comprehensive Guide to Yoga for Plus Size Individuals

Do you believe everything on Instagram and Facebook posts of yogis? Do you think that yoga is only for physically fit and flexible bodies?

Fortunately, that is not the case as the ancient art of yoga is for everyone. It is the reason why there is much yoga for plus size exercises for full-bodied individuals.

Unfortunately, when you are overweight, it is harder to get in shape, let alone practice yoga. However, that does not mean you should give up on it.

To help you kickstart a yoga practice and stick to it, yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-follow tips.

Yoga Tips for Plus Size Individuals

Given below are five tips to help you practice yoga without much hassle.

1. Just Do It

Yes! The first step for you to inculcate a yoga habit into your daily routine is by having a plan. It takes days or weeks before you get comfortable with yoga, but stick to the routine. Commit to the practice and soon you will experience numerous benefits like reduced stress, lower heart rate, and even relief from anxiety and depression.

2. Move Slow

It sounds counterintuitive when you are overweight and want to cut off the excess weight and fat, but slow and steady wins the race. Moreover, yoga might be a gentle and slow way to good health but it does have its share of injuries and mishaps.

In other words, you have to push yourself but also listen to the body when it becomes a little too much to bear.

3. Find a Yoga Friend

Remember, as a plus-sized individual, the motivation to go to the yoga class every day is not that easy to follow through when you are alone. You are more likely to succeed at yoga when there is someone who motivates you to give it your best. Moreover, having someone to push you helps you achieve the intended goal much faster.

4. Do Not Get Discouraged

The time will come when you want to quit it all and go back to being your old self. However, yoga experts recommend that you remember that yoga practice will benefit you! In the long run, yoga for plus size will help you get rid of the fat and overweight.

5. Use Yoga Props

Being a plus-sized individual, it is not easy to practice yoga asanas without proper support. For this, yoga experts recommend that you include yoga props like blocks, mats, and the right clothes to improve form and practice every yoga asana with precision. Find the equipment that works for you and do not hesitate to ask for help.

Now, for you to experience the magic of yoga for plus size individuals, you should know the right yoga asanas.

3 Yoga for Plus Size Exercises

As stated above, practising yoga especially when you are a plus-sized individual can seem a daunting task.

That said, given below are three easy-to-do yoga asanas which you can practice as a full-bodied individual.

1. Mountain Pose

Although many yoga practitioners think of the Mountain pose as nothing more than just standing motionless, yet it is a starting point in the yoga journey. This yoga exercise for a plus size individual helps you transition from one asana to the next with ease.

Steps to Practice Mountain Pose

  • Stand on the yoga mat with both feet together.
  • Make sure the big toes touch each other but keep the heels a bit apart.
  • Tighten the thigh muscles and draw in the tummy slightly.
  • Make sure to maintain the natural curve of your spine.
  • Let your arms hang by the body’s side.
  • Keep them stretched as down as possible and facing forwards.
  • Keep your chin facing ahead.
  • Draw your shoulder blades up and forward. Roll them back to release them down your back.
  • Hold this asana for 30 seconds.

2. Plank Pose

Known as Dandasana, this yoga for plus size exercise offers the best way to develop upper body strength which comes in handy during arm-balancing poses.

Steps to Practice Plank Pose

  • Lie flat on your stomach and raise your upper body with both arms.
  • Keep your palms firmly planted on the mat and directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Make sure your lower body remains grounded with both toes.
  • Tighten the glutes to keep the body stable.
  • Keep your entire body straight.
  • Do not let the hips sink as it will put excessive pressure on the lower back.
  • Hold this pose for half a minute.

3. Tree Pose

Apart from the fact that even seasoned yogis fall off during this yoga exercise, it is a great yoga asana for full-bodied individuals. This yoga exercise strengthens your legs and core muscles, which gives your thigh and groin areas a good stretch.

Steps to Practice Tree Pose

  • Hold the Mountain pose. Keep both feet firmly placed on the yoga mat.
  • Slowly move your weight onto the left foot.
  • Raise your right foot and bend the right knee.
  • Extend your right hand to grab the raised foot.
  • Bring it to rest on the inner left thigh.
  • Make sure the left sole rests across the inner right thigh.
  • Keep the toes pointing down on the yoga mat.
  • Bend both the elbows and raise both hands.
  • Make sure to keep both palms together in a prayer position before your chest.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then repeat with the opposite foot.


Do you want to get rid of the excess fat and weight? You should refer to this guide on how yoga for plus size individuals can help you remain healthy and enjoy daily life.