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Beginner’s Guide To Yin Yoga Training

Yoga is an ancient art that has been a part of the Indian culture for more than 5000 years. It has helped millions of spiritual seekers dive deeper into their true selves and connect with the higher dimensions of life. With time, numerous yoga styles came on the scene which made yoga a household name around the world. One of these styles is yin yoga which helps you connect with your true self. If you want to know more about this yoga style, enroll in a certified yin yoga training session.

For starters, yin yoga is based on the Taoist concept of Yin & Yang, which are two opposite yet complementary principles of nature. On the one hand, Yin is an unmoving and stable aspect of things whereas Yang is changing and moving aspect of things. To help you understand yin yoga easily, yoga experts have come up with a complete guide. Read further to know more.

Let us first understand a bit about the origins of this yoga style.

Yin Yoga – Origin & Philosophy

Yin yoga has been practiced in Chinese and Taiwanese cultures as part of Daoist yoga. This technique was taught to practitioners of martial arts more than 2000 years ago.

As stated above, yin yoga is based on Taoist concepts of Yin & Yang. With regards to the human body, the stiff connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and fascia are Yin. On the other hand, the mobile and pliable muscles and blood are the Yang.

The practice of yin yoga helps improve these connective tissues. When you hold a yin yoga pose for longer periods, the body responds by making these tissues stronger and longer. Yin yoga also improves the flow of the sacred Qi energy in your body.

Do you want to know the impact that the daily practice of yin yoga has on your body and mind? Yoga experts have the answer. Let us first focus on its impact on your mind.

Yin Yoga’s Effect on the Mind

When you hold a yin yoga pose and stretch the connective tissues, it also creates a gap in your mind. You have to keep these gaps to let the numerous emotions emerge which might be happiness, boredom, or even anger.

Let these emotions flow through your entire body. Letting these emotions have some space gives you the power to not be controlled by them. The main focus here is to let those feelings come and go without allowing them to impact you. In the long run, this clears your mind of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Let us now focus on what yin yoga does to your body.

Yin Yoga’s Impact on Your Body

Daily practice of yin yoga works on the connective tissues in your body. Your connective tissues respond well to a slow and steady load, which is why you hold each pose for a longer period. The gentle stretching of these tissues makes them stronger and longer.

Have you heard about myofascial meridians? These play a vital role in maintaining a balance of the internal organs in your body. Daily practice of yin yoga poses removes any blockage in them to let the sacred Qi energy flow without any hassle. You should enroll in Yin Yoga Teacher Training India to learn everything about this yoga style.

For you to truly experience the benefits of yin yoga training, there are specific yin yoga poses you should try.

3 Popular Poses You Practice in Yin Yoga Training

Yoga experts have come up with 3 yin yoga poses to help you experience the benefits of this yoga style.

1. Dragon Pose

Dragon Pose is an effective hip opener yin yoga asana that gives the back of your leg, hip flexor, and quadriceps a good stretch. Your hips store too much tension and stress which is released with this pose. You should enroll in the Yin Yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance course to learn more about yin yoga poses.

2. Swan Pose

The Swan pose is a powerful and deep hip opener. This yin yoga pose gives your hip flexor muscles a good stretch. Further, this yoga asana releases any stress and tension in your body.

3. Butterfly Pose

If you want to give your hamstrings and hips a gentle stretch, practice the Butterfly pose. The Butterfly pose improves flexibility in your groin region. After a long day on your feet, this yoga pose offers you much relief from fatigue. Enroll in a certified Yin Yoga training in India to learn more about this yoga style.


Want to experience life with fewer worries and more peace? Enroll in certified yin yoga training in India to learn this yoga style from the best yoga teachers.