Beginner Yogi? Learn the Know-How of Yoga

Hey Beginner Yogi!

Being new to yoga can make you feel quite intimidating and you might feel difficult where or how to start the journey. Well, with yoga for beginners classes, you can learn all the basic tips, lessons, and yoga poses you need to start your yoga journey.

However, starting something without any information or knowledge might leave you stranded. Therefore, have a thorough reading of the following points to get a clear picture of 5Ws and 1H of yoga.

What is Yoga?

For starters, it is an umbrella term comprising various yoga poses, spiritual techniques, and practices that aim for the integration of your mind, body, and spirit. There are many forms of yoga as well. Though different paths of yoga make use of different techniques and approaches, each ends with a final goal of becoming one with the inner being.

Who can Practice Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone… It doesn’t matter to which sex, age-group, profession, or lifestyle you relate, you can practice yoga. In case you want to slowly take off with yoga practice, you can search for basic yoga stretches for beginners to avoid any discomfort.

Note: If you have a medical injury, practicing yoga can be very challenging. It could be dangerous to practice certain yoga types that require specific yoga poses or breathing techniques. Therefore, you are suggested to practice yoga under the guidance of qualified professional personnel.

Why Practice Yoga?

The list is endless when you look for the benefits yoga has. A few among many could be developing qualities such as self-awareness, discipline ,and mindfulness. Yoga also helps in:
Improved flexibility, strength, range of motion of the muscles, and overall stamina.
Calm the mind, improve concentration.
Relieve stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and relax mind and body.
Boost energy levels, improve immunity and overall health.
Reduce depression, overthinking, and back pain.

Where to Practice Yoga?

It entirely depends on your personal preference whether you practice alone or prefer some company. Also, you can choose to enroll in a yoga for beginners class, where you can have the assistance of expert yoga instructors. There you can learn about proper body position or alignment while performing various yoga poses. Beginner yogi can too prefer where to start their yogic journey.

When to Practice Yoga?

It is suggested that early morning is the best time to make the most of a yoga practice. However, if you wish to practice yoga late noon or early evening, you can. But, make sure you are not full with food, better to practice yoga empty stomach.

How to Practice Yoga as a Beginner Yogi?

There is no special requirement to start the yoga practice. However, yoga movements requires free movement of the body, and therefore, wearing loose clothes might be an aid while practicing yoga. Moreover, various props like blocks, blankets, or straps can be used to feel a little ease while performing yoga poses.

It is recommended to start with a short and straightforward yoga session. Once you feel comfortable with initial stretching and bending your body, you can add challenging yoga poses in your routine. Spending time on learning basic elements of a yoga practice can be a great investment from your side.


Consistency and commitment can take you a long way on your yogic journey. However, if required, you can always discuss with your yoga instructor about certain yoga techniques fitting your body needs. Attending yoga workshops, reading yoga journals, and looking for inspiration can always motivate you to try harder in your practice.


Planning your yoga practice in advance can be of great help. As a beginner yogi. you can decide the weekly routine, the time duration of the session, or you can clear off any doubts regarding the upcoming session. Yoga for beginners classes provide you with a detailed analysis of your mind-body-soul needs.

Moreover, what you need to keep in mind is that you need not hurry the learning process rather be patient to properly grasp each and every detail about yoga and its various poses.

Yoga is more of a journey than a mere routine where you go and exercise. It affects every dimension of your life. With the regular practice of yoga, you can witness the improvement in your overall life.