Advanced Yoga Poses for Women

Yoga practice can be initiated by anyone regardless of sex and age. However, women seem much more interested in doing yoga after get to know its prolonged benefits in relation to physical health, mental toughness, and perfect physique. We hope you might have already perfected your beginners’ yoga poses, taking on the advanced best yoga poses for women can be a step further in your yoga practice.!

Advancing from your current level of yoga practice to a higher one denotes that you are a diligent soul on an amazing journey. Amid various yoga stances which you might have practised before and mastered, there exist various other advanced yoga asanas for you to stretch further your yoga practice. Are you willing to take on some next level yoga poses in your yoga routine? The below-mentioned poses seem like a perfect fit for you.

Advanced Yoga Poses for you

1. Firefly Pose

Firefly Pose - yoga poses for women

Since you have decided to take on the advanced yoga asanas, the Firefly yoga pose will test your core strength, making you balance your body weight on your arms alone. You feel a deep stretch in the hamstrings and a burning sensation in the abdomen. To hold this yoga pose for an extended period is a challenge you might want to take. Practising this yoga asana improves your overall sense of balance.

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2. Peacock Pose

Peacock Pose - yoga poses for women

The pose symbolizes immortality and love. You balance your body on the wrists and elbows to ensure a straight peacock pose, which makes your lower body hover in the air. It requires a strong lower back and a powerful core to perfectly initiate the yoga pose. It is a unique pose that strengthens your legs and arms alike. Being aware of your breathing, knowing when to inhale or exhale is a bit of advice you might need to excel at this pose. In turn, you not only practice the asana but also become mindful of your breath.

3. Shoulder Pressing Pose

Shoulder Pressing Pose - yoga poses for women

It takes your arm balancing routine to a whole new different level. This advanced pose relies more on the technique and the positioning of the arms rather than making use of pure strength. Balancing your body on your palms tests the flexibility of your wrists, shoulders, and core. Making it a regular pose in your yoga practice will build up your back and shoulder muscles.

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4. Iron Cross Headstand

Iron Cross Headstand - yoga poses for women


Have you ever perceived your world upside down? Well, if this seems interesting to you, Iron Cross Headstand is an advanced pose to test your neck strength, balance and core strength. With your body entirely balanced over your head, blood flows to the brain and the eyes, making it really hard to hold the pose for a long time. You need to fight the desire to let go of the pose, testing your willpower as well. Overall, the pose is a hardcore stance which is your perfect getaway for levelling up your yoga practice.

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5. Chakra Bond Pose

Chakra Bond Pose - yoga poses for women

Stretching your body backwards to the extent where you can get hold of your ankles is a whole journey from a standing straight stance to a backward bending pose. The pose tests your flexibility in back muscles, calves, and abdomen. Chakra bond pose benefits women with increased flexibility and aids them with day to day activity. Furthermore, stretching the body to this far improves muscle density in the weak areas, and provides you with improved posture.

Yoga prepares you mentally and physically. If you feel to practice yoga with your peers, you can join various courses pertaining to your needs. Along with the daily yoga poses for women, you can also join some specific courses fitting your comfort level.

Crane Pose

crane pose

Have you ever raised your whole body in the air? No, not like a handstand. Rather, a more advanced yoga pose. The Crane pose is something that not just tests your arm strength but also your core power. When you practice the Crane pose, you raise your body with the help of your arms.

Moreover, it improves your lower back and hip muscles’ when you raise your body in the air. Apart from that, it strengthens your shoulder joints that help you balance your body. Wrist muscles are also under constant pressure. In short, it is one of the advanced yoga poses for women with overall development.

Forearm Hollow Back Pose

Forearm Hollow Back Pose

The ultimate form of body balancing pose is the Forearm Hollow Back pose. It tests the limits of your elbows as well as body balance. Further, practising this pose ensures you remain flexible and agile. Moreover, the Forearm Hollow Back pose improves the range of motion of your shoulder joints.

Standing over your forearms improves the flow of blood to your head and other vital organs. In short, you should include this pose in your daily routine. You can either split your legs or keep them together while performing this pose.

Scorpion Handstand

Scorpion Handstand

Do you want to improve your lower back arc? If yes, the Scorpion Handstand is one of the advanced yoga poses for women. The best thing about this pose is that you learn to balance your body on your hands.

However, the trickiest part is to take your legs back such that your feet hover over your head. To achieve this, you need to look ahead and arc your back. That might test your lower back flexibility and mobility. Therefore, you should practice this pose after mastering the Handstand.

Yoga For Pregnant Women

One of the most beautiful things for a woman is to get pregnant. However, it does come up with a lot of sacrifices that a woman has to endure. It takes a lot of toll on her physical as well as mental health. Pregnant women face numerous physical changes that completely alter the way they lived their lives. So, it becomes significant that you learn how to get ready for all this. The best way is to practice yoga for pregnant women.

As clear from the name itself, yoga for pregnant women ensures a woman stays fit and healthy when pregnant. However, not every yoga pose is for you when you are pregnant. Keeping that in mind, here are a few poses of yoga for pregnant women that will make your life easier. Please ensure you read every point till the very end.

Best Poses of Yoga For Pregnant Women

Twisted Pose

We know twisting your body while you are pregnant involves a higher risk. However, this twisted pose helps you make your spine agile and mobile. So, sit down and extend your legs.

It is your choice whether you want to keep the legs straight or let them fall naturally on the ground. Place your right leg on top of your left leg and hold your right knee with your left hand. Don’t push further, rather, sit comfortably and breathe deep.

Once you are done with the right knee, do the same with your left knee. Make sure your spine is straight.

Chair Pose

Legs muscles endure the maximum pressure when a woman is pregnant. Therefore, when it comes to strengthening the legs, the Chair pose is one of the best poses of yoga for pregnant women.

To begin with, stand close to a wall. Make sure your feet are a few inches apart from each other as well as from the wall. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground by bending your knees.

Take constant support of the wall to balance your body. Stay in the lowered position for a few deep breaths and return to the neutral position.

Ham Pose

One of the best ways to relieve pressure from your abdomen is to practice the Ham pose. It helps in strengthening the core muscles. Not only that, it also works on your thighs and pelvis muscles.

To begin with, sit on your hips and let your legs extend naturally. Use your elbows to support your back and fold your right knee to the inside. Breathe deeply and change your leg.

Butterfly Pose

When it comes to strengthening the inner thighs muscles, the Butterfly is one of the best poses of yoga for pregnant women. Also, it works on your pelvic region.

Fully stretch your legs after sitting on your hip bones. If possible, cross your legs and start deep breathing. However, make sure you breathe deep into your stomach. Moreover, keep your spine straight to stretch your inner thighs.

To enhance the intensity, you should join your hands in a Namaste sign and raise it above your head. This further helps in stretching your inner thighs along with spinal joints.

Mountain Pose

You should remember that one of the biggest challenges of pregnancy is control over your body. Every muscle is under constant pressure. Therefore, you must train even the smaller muscles with the practice of yoga for pregnant women.

The Mountain pose might seem the simplest pose. However, it works on every inch of your body. Moreover, it even makes you aware of what is going on the physical as well as the mental plane.

As a pregnant woman, you might think – What is the need to go through all this hassle? What good will practicing yoga for pregnant women going to offer you? For that, read the following points.

Why Practice Yoga For Pregnant Women?

  • Makes your muscles and bones strong
  • Increases the range of motion of your joints
  • Helps you breathe properly
  • Increases your metabolism
    Engages muscles for more strength and balance
  • Balances the hormonal releases in your head
  • Maintain a perfect equilibrium in your body
  • Helps you stay fit and healthy
  • Boost the health of the fetus

All these things are just a few benefits of practicing yoga for pregnant women. So, don’t forget to inculcate it in your life.


Ques 1) What is the most flexible pose?

Ans) There is no straightforward answer to the question. However, if you wish to improve your flexibility with just a single yoga pose, that would be Standing Forward Bend.

But, if you want to improve your flexibility using your whole body, then you should practice the Downward Dog pose.

The latter yoga pose improves the range of motion of your shoulder joints, makes your spine agile & mobile, works on your hip joint, and improves the flexibility and strength of your legs.

So, choose a yoga pose depending on your goal and the level of practice. For a beginner, practising a single yoga pose can be beneficial. However, for experienced practitioners, you might feel not doing anything at all with just one yoga pose.

Ques 2) What kind of yoga is good before bed?

Ans) Before going to bed, you should practice a yoga form that relaxes and soothes your muscles. For this purpose, one of the best yoga styles could be Yin or Restorative yoga.

These forms of yoga are slow and work on the deeper elements of your body. For instance, moving slow with Yin yoga poses is going to work on your muscle fibres, tendons, ligaments, and muscle fascia.

Not just that, these smaller elements combine to harness more power in your body. So, you become stronger and flexible with consistent practice.

Also, these are going to relax your muscle and mind that will help you fall asleep without any worry or tension.

Ques 3) Can anyone become advanced in yoga?

Ans) Yes! You can become an advanced practitioner of any form of yoga. However, to do that, you need to be consistent with your practice.

Moreover, you should be aware of what you are eating or drinking throughout your day. Make sure you know how to practice any yoga pose in a perfect form.

For that, you might need to join a yoga teacher training course. Just make sure you join a Yoga Alliance yoga course.

To become a master, you should explore every dimension of the yoga style that you have chosen to practice. This helps you know which elements are there that will help you reach your true potential.