Advanced Yoga Poses for Women

Yoga practice can be initiated by anyone regardless of the sex and age. However, women seem much more interested in doing yoga after get to know its prolonged benefits in relation to physical health, mental toughness, and perfect physique. We hope you might have already perfected your beginners’ yoga poses, taking on advanced yoga poses can be a step further in your yoga practice.!

Advancing from your current level of yoga practice to a higher one denotes that you are a diligent soul on an amazing journey. Amid various yoga stances which you might have practiced before and mastered them, there exists various other advanced yoga asanas for you to stretch further your yoga practice. Are you willing to take on some next level yoga poses in your yoga routine? Then below mentioned poses seem like a perfect fit for you.

Advanced Yoga Poses for you

1. Firefly Pose

Firefly Pose - yoga poses for women

Since you have decided to take on the advanced yoga asanas, Firefly yoga pose will test your core strength, making you balance your body weight on your arms alone. You feel a deep stretch in the hamstrings, and a burning sensation in the abdomen. To hold this yoga pose for an extended period is a challenge you might want to take. Practicing this yoga asana improves your overall sense of balance.

2. Peacock Pose

Peacock Pose - yoga poses for women

The pose symbolizes immortality and love. You balance your body on the wrists and elbows to ensure a straight peacock pose, which makes your lower body to hover in the air. It requires a strong lower back and a powerful core to perfectly initiate the yoga pose. It is a unique pose which strengthens your legs and arms alike. Being aware of your breathing, knowing when to inhale or exhale is a bit of advice you might need to excel at this pose. In turn, you not only practice the asana but also become mindful of your breath.

3. Shoulder Pressing Pose

Shoulder Pressing Pose - yoga poses for women

It takes your arm balancing routine to a whole new different level. This advanced pose relies more on the technique and the positioning of the arms rather than making use of pure strength. Balancing your body on your palms tests the flexibility of your wrists, shoulders, and core. Making it a regular pose in your yoga practice will build up your back and shoulder muscles.

4. Iron Cross Headstand

Iron Cross Headstand - yoga poses for women


Have you ever perceived your world upside down? Well, if this seems interesting to you, Iron Cross Headstand is an advanced pose to test your neck strength, balance and core strength. With your body entirely balanced over your head, blood flows to the brain and the eyes, making it really hard to hold the pose for long time. You need to fight the desire to let go off the pose, testing your will-power as well. Overall, the pose is a hardcore stance which is your perfect getaway for leveling up your yoga practice.

5. Chakra Bond Pose

Chakra Bond Pose - yoga poses for women

Stretching your body backwards to the extent where you can get hold of your ankles is a whole journey from a standing straight stance to backward bending pose. The pose tests your flexibility in back muscles, calves, and abdomen. Chakra bond pose benefits women with increased flexibility and aids them with day to day activity. Furthermore, stretching the body to this far improves muscle density in the weak areas, and provides you with improved posture.

Yoga prepares you mentally and physically. If you feel to practice yoga with your peers, you can join various courses pertaining to needs. Along with yoga for women course, you can also join some specific courses fitting your comfort level.