Who We Are

Yogaforbeginners.yoga is a hub for holiness and home to yoga lovers. Located in Rishikesh, our yoga school is the perfect place for personal growth, spiritual learning, soul awakening, and complete transformation. Our Yoga Center is a place for people to flourish, bloom, and be free. As a yoga and spiritual retreat center, our place is dedicated to helping individuals awaken their inner, improve themselves, and transform completely. At heart, we offer our best, offering you a safe place to revitalize, revive, reconnect, and lastly experience the freedom to know who you really are. By giving a simple, spiritual, clean, and friendly atmosphere, we help in diminishing the stress of life lying on your shoulders. Yogaforbeginners.yoga is a place where you can treat yourself, forget about the world and find inner peace.

Yoga and Meditation
Our Vision
To help all understand their maximum prospective and potential and find inner peace.
Yoga Therapy
Our Mission
Practicing and educating the yogic knowledge of well-being, harmony, and Self-realization.
Yoga with Nature
Our Values
We respect traditions and recognise there values in never-ending teachings.
Yoga training with us
Our Team
Yogaforbeginners.yoga is dedicated to blowout peace, fitness, and happiness through yoga.

Who We Serve

Our students or visitors, come from countries worldwide and are different in culture, occupation, coordination, religion, opinions, age, and eminence. Common professions of students who visit us are small-business owners, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, high-level executives, social workers, military personnel, psychologists, retail-industry workers, health and fitness instructors, artists, among many others.

People visiting us come for spiritual guidance, health and well-being, life direction, healing, discovering their life’s purpose, personal growth, transformation, clarity, finding happiness, balancing personal and work life, etc.

People can also visit us for relieving stress, healing and curing health issues, practice yoga for depression, practice yoga for weight loss, and finding a way to heal and rise above a problem.

Yoga teachers

Yoga for Beginners Program You Select Will Include

  • Accommodations

Yogaforbeginners.yoga makes available simple, hygienic and comfortable accommodations as part of your complete yoga program. People visiting us have a choice of either private, shared, dormitory accommodations depending on their penchant of stay. Both AC and non-AC room is available!

  • Personal Experience

Yoga class size may range from 5-15 to give you a special, friendly, and custom experience. By doing yoga practice in small groups’ sizes, you will be able to captivate the yoga teachings in a deep manner, get to know teachers in a better manner and get personal guidance when learning yoga techniques connected with the class.

  • Herbal Chai (Tea)

Enjoy hot yogic ginger or cardamom Indian chai (tea) with us in the morning and evening. You can make new friends while having a sip and share your personal experiences. Apart from that, you can absorb the warmth of the sun (In winters) and immerse yourself in the beauty and calmness of the surrounding nature.

  • Pure Vegetarian Meals

While you stay with us, you can relish a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with the company of like-minded people.Vegan meals and special-diet meals can be provided once in a while upon request.

“Join us for a Yoga program of a few days, weeks, or months. From improving fitness and soothing to retaining health, comforting the mind, and even becoming a Yoga instructor for others.”


We hope to form an environment where feedback is set and privileged in all orders, regardless of position. We raise your spirits and welcome feedback and exchange of ideas to better understand the impact of our communication and yoga actions and upsurge our ability to expertly be of help. We transmit to people as their inner nature and do not judge or value ourselves based on race, gender, occupation, performance, material conditions or personality.

    • Be in the world and not of the world.
    • Simple living, high thinking.
    • Adapt, adjust, accommodate-highest yoga.
    • Group positive aims and prayers make miracles.
    • We serve one and all equally with respect.
    • Worship mentors, saints, and our yoga gurus.

    We will not allow misbehavior, but rather appreciate that we all work organized to cherish a safe, healthy, vigorous, and beautiful culture of respect and care while giving ‘yoga for beginners’ sessions.

    All people or yoga enthusiasts are welcome to join our yoga school for learning not only about how yoga can help preserve a fit body but also how Yogic thinking, functional in daily life, can help sustain a peaceable mind and soul. The aim of yoga is internal and external peace and the recognition of unity in diversity.

    Join us to engross in the visualization of free-thinking society and share in forming a culture of gentleness, kindness, and audacity. Yogaforbeginners.yoga center is a non-profit organization whose work is to assist as a meditative center for the study of different and social wisdom.