200-hour YTT

7 Major Benefits of 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners

Anyone wanting to become a certified yoga teacher has to pass the 200-hour yoga teacher training for beginners course. It offers in-depth knowledge about yoga to yoga novices who want to connect with their deeper self with regular yoga practice. Yoga teacher training leaves a great impact on the individual and in a good way.

An individual who wants to kickstart their journey in yoga should opt for this yoga for beginners course to learn the basics of yoga. The training lessons include yoga philosophy, literature, and in-depth knowledge of yoga asanas. The 200-hour course is apt for those with some experience of yoga practice and even those without any knowledge of yoga.

With that said, it is time to understand what the 200-hour YTT course is and the benefits it offers.

Benefits of 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training For Beginners

A typical day at the 200-Hour yoga teacher training starts early in the morning with mantra chanting, asana practice, and lessons on yoga philosophy. The individual gets complete knowledge about different yoga theories, philosophies, and types of yoga asanas, among others.

Given below are the 7 major benefits of this beginner’s YTT course.

1. Lessons on Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga postures form an important part of the 200-hour yoga teacher training. This course offers the learner in-depth lessons on other aspects of yoga including Bandha, Mudra, Asanas, Pranayama, and Shatkriyas. It ensures the individual receives complete knowledge of Hatha Yoga during this yoga for beginners course.

2. Form Deeper Connection

Every individual has a true self which is the all-knowing part of their existence and the eternal truth. Every time an individual practices yoga during their beginner’s yoga teacher training, they start to form a connection with their true self.

In other words, taking the yoga teacher training becomes a way of being rather than just a career path for the individual. It plays a vital role in helping them enjoy a healthy and blessed life.

3. Develops Good Breathing

A session of yoga includes using proper breathing techniques to ensure the individual experience all the positive effects that yoga offers. If one practices yoga without proper breathing then they might face some difficulties in completing the yoga session.

However, the 200-hour yoga teacher training helps one develop correct breathing techniques during yoga and meditation sessions.

4. In-Depth Knowledge of the Human Body

An important part of the 200-hour YTT is the lessons on the human body during the human anatomy class. The yoga experts help the individual understand the structure of the human body and how it functions. It also gives them a clear idea about the internal functioning of their bodies.

5. Lessons from Yoga Philosophy

One cannot simply practice yoga without understanding its philosophy and regulations in-depth. The highly experienced yoga teachers provide the individual with complete information about every yoga asana including philosophy and theory. It is what makes the 200-hour yoga teacher training course worth one’s time and effort.

6. Builds Lifelong Connections

This yoga for beginners course offers the individual not just a chance to understand yoga in-depth but also to become a part of the ever-growing yoga community. They get a chance to form life-long friendships with other yoga-loving individuals.

7. A Change for Life

The word Yoga means to join and it is indeed the joining of mind, body, and spirit. The 200-hour YTT course is not just another yoga teacher training but a comprehensive guide to life. The individual becomes aware of their true potential which leaves a positive impact in every other area of their life.


Choosing to become a yoga teacher is a lifelong process of commitment and self-development. The 200-hour yoga teacher training helps the individual acquire in-depth knowledge of the yogic arts by providing lessons on basic yoga terminology and philosophy.