best yoga teacher traning for starters

6 Tips for Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training for Starters

So, are you ready to undergo yoga teacher training for Starters? Before you start your yoga journey, you must understand how doing yoga teacher training for starters contributes to your overall development. Yoga teacher training for starters goes much deeper than simply practising and teaching yoga asanas to others.

The yoga teacher training for starters also helps you dive deeper into your spiritual self and unlock true potential. Since there are many yoga schools providing yoga training, it can be a bit hard for you to choose the best one being a beginner. Given below are six tips to help starters find the best yoga teacher training course.

How to Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training For Starters – Know Here

1. Gather Info About the Program

If you want to kickstart your yoga teacher training, it is important to have complete knowledge of the yoga course. A good decision would be to contact the students already doing the course to know the duration of the course. Hence, it will also give you a better idea about what to expect during yoga teacher training for starters. You can also connect with the teachers to get an idea about what the course includes.

2. Have a Clear Goal

Do you want to become a certified yoga teacher? Or just looking to advance your yoga journey and dive deeper into your spiritual side? There are many questions you need to have a clear answer about before joining a yoga teacher training for starters at a yoga school. You need to possess total clarity for your reason behind joining the YTT for starters course.

Having a clear intention before joining the yoga for starters course gives you the confidence to successfully complete the course without much hassle. You also have to be ready to bring some massive changes to your lifestyle and attitude towards others.

3. Consider the Destination

There could be countless yoga studios in your city, but you should choose a destination where yoga teaching goes beyond its physical characteristics and dives deeper into its spiritual and mental aspects.

For example, for millions of yoga lovers around the world, Rishikesh is the best location to join a yoga course and understand this ancient art on a much deeper level. Yoga starters must visit this holy city to not just do yoga teacher training but experience the yogic lifestyle.

4. Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Alliance USA is a non-profit organization working to spread authentic and safe yoga teachings around the world. They have a list of Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) that follow the protocols set by Yoga Alliance.

An important thing you have to consider when searching for yoga teacher training for starters is a yoga school affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. Every teacher providing yoga lessons at the yoga school has to have their Yoga Alliance certification. It ensures that you will learn from the best in the field of yoga when it comes to learning this sacred art beyond its physical aspect.

5. Research the Instructors

You also need to conduct in-depth research on the yoga instructors at the yoga school. It is important as you will be spending the majority of your time with these yoga professionals. The information will help you decide if you want to move ahead with the course or should look elsewhere.

6. The Cost

Different types of yoga teacher training have different costs. Also, apart from the training you also have accommodation costs, meal costs, and travel costs which is why the cost is an important factor when looking for a YTT.


Practising yoga does offer you some major physical and mental health benefits. However, your 200 hours yoga teacher training provides you with the right skills and techniques to share this ancient art with others.


Ques 1) Can you do yoga teacher training as a beginner?

Ans) Yes! You can enroll in yoga teacher training as a beginner. For that, you need to join a yoga teacher training for starters course. There you will learn how to practice yoga slowly and move towards perfecting your practice.

Ques 2) How long do you have to do yoga to see results?

Ans) It depends on one person to the other. Some people have a super-responsive body that adapts quickly to any changes. Therefore, for them, the results are going to be very fast. However, for some, the results of yoga practice might take longer. It could be the slow recovery of the body or mind.

Ques 3) Can I become a yoga teacher at 40?

Ans) Yes! You can become a yoga teacher at 40. There are people out there who have started practising yoga very late in their lives and now have become certified yoga teachers.