Yoga for Overweight Beginners

5 Best Poses of Yoga for Overweight Beginners

Yoga is for all shapes and sizes. Whether you are lean or heavy, you can get great health benefits by practicing yoga. If you are fat and beginning your yoga journey seems a cumbersome task, try these five poses of yoga for overweight beginners. You will be pleased to find the outcome after practicing these poses, count on us!

From building your strength to improving your flexibility, these yoga poses can help you transform your body. Hardly matters what your body size is, there is no best way to lose weight in a natural way other than yoga. Here we are giving you a nudge on the most effective yoga poses to start out your practice, especially if you are overweight.

Best Poses of Yoga for Overweight People

Check out the beginner-friendly yoga poses for overweight people.

1. Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose for beginners

Great to strengthen abdominal muscles and relieve stress from your lower back, Cobra pose is one of the best options to reduce fat. It stretches the chest while giving your shoulders and spine great strength. With the practice of this asana, you can not only shed some pounds from your upper body but also get rid of excess belly fat.


Since the Cobra pose puts great pressure on the abdominal area, people with any lower abdomen issues or spondylitis are advised not to practice this pose.

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2. Chair Pose

Chair Pose for beginners

If you are unable to sit on the floor and can’t even stand for a long time, the Chair pose can help! It proves to be great workout for the chest, arms, and shoulders. Chair pose melts away your belly fat, tones your thighs, and reduces the problem of flat feet. It works on both your lower and upper body muscles. All you have to do is, practice this pose in a proper manner.


Chair pose is not suggested to practice for people having problem of arthritis. Also, try avoiding the pose if you have insomnia or headache.

3. Forward Bend Pose

Forward Bend poses for beginners

This pose of yoga for overweight beginners will not just help them stretch their abs but also tone their belly. It has been observed that losing belly fat is one of the biggest challenges one can ever face. But, this particular pose of yoga can shed excess weight around your stomach.


Avoid doing forward bend pose if you recently had surgery either related to the knee, back, or hamstring. Also, do not practice this pose if there is some injury in the back, hips, or legs.

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4. Bow Pose

bow pose for beginners

Best for stretching body front and strengthening back muscles, the bow pose is another best pose of yoga for overweight beginners to lose weight. It stretches your thighs and hamstrings, resulting in losing weight from your back and hips.


Avoid doing the bow pose if you have pain in the back or are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Apart from that, do not practice this pose when you have high BP.

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5. Plank

Plank Pose for beginners

Certainly one of the most preferred yoga poses for weight loss, Plank is a great workout to burn your belly fat along with toning your muscles. It can bring you an array of health benefits. Improve posture, boost flexibility, strengthen your core, reduce belly fat, ease back pain, and enhance metabolism with the practice of Plank Pose.


Beginners are advised to practice the plank pose under the supervision of an expert yoga trainer. Else, it can lead to injury.

Wrapping Up

Up for starting your journey from fat to fit? Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, practicing these easy peasy poses of yoga for overweight on regular basis can make your dream of becoming fit come true. Wish you luck!

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