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Envisage having an effective yoga practice that can help you not only purify your body but also cleanse your beliefs and the impurities wrapping your soul. Yoga for beginners center in Rishikesh gives you the power needed to detox your body and help you unite with your highest self.

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Yoga Retreats

An array of yoga forms are offered to the people visiting us based on their level of yoga. Taking your personal needs and reasons into account, we offer you a yoga retreat accordingly so that you can get the best results.

Yoga Therapy

It is the procedure of endowing beings to headway toward enriched health and well-being through the use of the training and practices of yoga.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas are firm and stable postures that be duty-bound to be held for a definite amount of time to develop the maximum benefit. These are part of the system called Hatha Yoga.


For us, meditation speaks of specific yoga practices for relaxing the mind and achieving a state of consciousness that is entirely diverse from the usual waking state.

“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self.”

Yoga for Beginners

As a beginner, we often relate yoga with some difficult and hard-to-do poses. However, yoga is not about practicing difficult poses or stretching hard. Instead, it’s a simple process to get acquainted with your own being – using your breath, mind, and body. Best of all, it’s easy and effortless even for individuals who are not experts in doing yoga.

It is always best to start doing yoga under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher who can make you familiar with the right and accurate way of doing each and every yoga technique. In this way, beginners in yoga would be able to practice asanas (postures) in a proper manner and that too by avoiding any possible injuries.

Yoga practice

Are you looking for the best Yoga Retreat Center?

Welcome to, a yoga school in Rishikesh, to practice yoga poses and meditation under the guidance of expert yoga instructors. We are also a certified Yoga teacher training center with Yoga Alliance, USA. is a sanctuary located in the beautiful hills of the Rishikesh, India. Joining us, you will enjoy doing simple and wholesome yoga poses, mantra chanting, meditation, and nature excursions. We wholeheartedly welcome individuals looking for having peace of mind and relieving stress. Our ‘yoga for beginners’ center is not an entertainment center, rather it is a place to find one’s own center and calm the senses with the help of yoga.

Our expert yoga teacher tries their best to help you come up with flying colors by meeting everyone’s needs visiting our yoga for beginners’ center in Rishikesh. We’re always available and flexible in accommodating you while you stay with us, but we do expect and request one thing from our visitors, come with an open mind and release all expectations. Yoga for beginners center in Rishikesh is the only place on the planet where there is no need for you to set criteria and standards. We want you to just be free, be real, and lastly be yourself.

Yoga TrainingYoga for all

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga SchoolYoga feel happy

At, we have included a simple & medium level of yoga asanas, breathing, yoga techniques, basic pranayama, body stretching, mantras chanting, etc. Joining yoga for beginners program with us will help in increasing your flexibility, improving fitness, reducing stress, and boosting strength & stamina.

Why Choose Us dream to share the love of yoga. Since our inception, thousands of students from various countries and various thinking have marked their presence with us. Join our yoga school and get unlimited access to yoga for beginners’ classes under the guidance of expert yoga teachers.

We believe that yoga is for everyone no matter what their age is, ability, yoga level, or walk of life. You can choose from various yoga programs as per your needs and availability. Whether it’s meditation, yoga poses, or spiritual healing, our yoga for beginners program got you covered.

What makes us stand out is:

  • Qualified and Expert Yoga Trainers
  • Spiritual Environment
  • Birthplace of Yoga (Rishikesh)

Beginners Yoga: Deepen Your Yoga Practice!

Are you in need of self-care and relieve stress, but don’t know where to? If yes, Yoga for beginners center in Rishikesh is for you. You will learn: Ways to supersede the inner self-critic that gets in your way, How to find a pace and routine that best works for you.

Engross yourself in a life-changing course of learning at our friendly yoga school in Rishikesh! You will learn not only from the yoga class experience but also from the existing moment to moment in a community devoted to yoga practice and lifestyle. Our brilliant, diverse, and committed yoga teaching team share spans of experience to help you deepen your yoga personal practice and advance your knowledge.

What are you waiting for? Join us for an interactive, uplifting, and transformational experience, where you will feel supported and encouraged, and become a happy, healthy, and hearty being.

Yoga Practice

We are good at:

  • Giving Yoga Classes to all levels

Yoga classes given by us are easily adaptable for all levels of people. From beginning to advanced, all yogis/yoginis will benefit exceptionally from each class.

  • Guided Meditation

Guided meditation sessions after each yoga class will help you to get fully relax and fuse with your higher self.

  • Creating a Spiritual Environment

Be surrounded by expert yoga gurus and get training in a peaceful, quiet, and positively energized atmosphere with us. You will certainly enjoy the peace and presence that originate from our yoga experts.

  • Yoga Philosophy

In Yoga Anatomy and Physiology you will learn how your body can be used optimally and look at the physical structure of the human body.

  • Pranayama

Pranayamas are breathing exercises settled by the ancient yogis for refinement and purification of body, mind, and soul. Prana explains into “life force energy” and Yama explains into “control or mastery of.” Therefore, Pranayama is used to nurture, control, and transform the Prana in your body.

Guidelines You Need to Know

No matter what type of yoga class you attend with us, there are some basic guidelines and etiquette you need to follow while you stay.

    • When you attend yoga for beginners’ classes, you are requested to leave your phone and any other electronic devices behind.
    • Respect the current noise level—kindly maintain a healthy environment for yours and others benefit as most places demand calmness.
    • Additionally, when lying down your mat, have a tab on where other joiners have placed their yoga mats.
    • Respect both your yoga teachers and fellow mates after joining our certified yoga teachers training center.
    • While you stay with us for attending ‘yoga for beginners’ classes, you are strictly advised to not intake non-vegetarian meals. Also, smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.
    • Lastly, do your best to be on time for a yoga class and stay for the entirety of the yoga class.
Guidelines of Yoga